About Cluster

Lublin Eco-Energy Cluster involves entities in the field of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro and geothermal) as well as production and use of biomass for energy purposes. Among Cluster partners are eg.: producers of machinery and equipment (presses, granulators, crushers, mills, gear associated with the production of briquettes and pellets, biomass boilers, solar collectors) and producers of pellets and briquettes. The partners are also designers and contractors of biogas plants, wind farms, solar farms, small hydropower plants and electricity networks. Another group of entities are engaged in the waste management industry, IT solutions for the renewable energy industry, higher education and research as well as energy efficiency and energy-saving construction.

The coordinator of the Cluster is Foundation for Lubelskie Development.

Lublin Eco-Energy Cluster mission is to support all possible activities related to sustainable use of renewable energy sources based on the potential of the Lubelskie Region through developing and implementing of technological, manufacturing and processing innovations, popularization of energy efficiency and energy-efficient buildings and to promote renewable energy sources in the region.

The main strategic objectives pursued by the Cluster include:
• increasing the share of energy produced from renewable energy sources in total energy balance of the Lubelskie Voivodship, especially by micro-energy entities;
• taking measures to ensure the energy security of Lublin municipalities based on local energy resources, particularly renewable energy sources;
• supporting development and promotion of local measures aimed at increasing share of production of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources;
• stimulate the development of new technologies and the development of analytical and research facilities in the region for the needs of development of renewable energy sector and energy-efficient construction;
• supporting staff training system for the sector of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient construction.